Your Diet Can Affect Nail Fungus Infections

veggies 150x150 Your Diet Can Affect Nail Fungus InfectionsThere are a number of ways that fungus can infect the human body.  Whether on your skin, nails or scalp – fungus is not a topical problem.  Fungal infections are systemic and although topical solutions can be effective as a nail fungus treatment, treating the problem systemically makes sense.  Oral medications can be effective, but are difficult to metabolize and can create a strain on your liver.  However, a wonderful alternative to medication is to adjust your diet.  Although a change in diet normally requires a larger lifestyle change, it is important to attack the infection from all angles.  And if you end up eating healthier and dropping a few pounds while you’re at it, then all the better!  Here are a few tips on how to tinker with your diet and get rid of your fungal infection:

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Trim Nails To Fight Toenail Fungus

Nails that are not kept clean or healthy are more susceptible to nail fungus infections.  Toenails are especially vulnerable since they often remain in socks and shoes for the majority of the day.  Nail fungus infections occur when a dermatophyte (the agents that cause fungal infections) is able to work it’s way into a damaged nail.  Nails that are chipped, cracked or dirty have a weaker “immune system” when it comes to fighting off the fungal agents.  It’s perfectly OK to wear longer length nails but it is critical to be sure that those nails are healthy in order to be at their strongest.  If you want to never have to worry about buying a toenail fungus treatment, we suggest keeping your nails clean and healthy as well as the skin around your hands and feet.

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Athlete’s Foot vs. Nail Fungus

Fungal infections are somewhat similar to one another because they basically are all tissue being attacked by fungi.  Athlete’s foot, jock itch, nail fungus and ringworm are a collection of fungal infections that start with the primitive organism attacking living tissue.  Nail fungus treatment, ringworm cream and other such solutions work to kill the fungi by creating an inhospitable environment.  The specific differences between athlete’s foot and nail fungus is discussed at greater length below.

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A Reader’s Success Story

Hi everyone!  I though it was about time to share another nail fungus success story.  This one comes to us courtesy of David R. who wrote in awhile back to discuss how to stop nail fungus infections from re-occurring.  So thanks to David for sharing!

“I’ve had a bad fungal infection on the top-side of my left hand and finger nails.  I sought treatment many times from a dermatologist using a prescription cream.  The cream works as long as I used it everyday.  The minute I ran out, it came right back.  I have tried all topical solutions available with NO luck.  I also have nail fungus on my left hand.  The dermatologist told me that it’s very possible to have the infection on my skin from my nails.  She also said, that the only treatment that would kill the fungus from the inside out, I couldn’t take because its bad on your liver and I do have liver issues.  Well I did some research, spent alot of money on products that didn’t work… until I found FUNGINIX… I’ve been using it now for 3 months.  I notice a huge difference both in my skin condition and my fingernails. My skin condition is almost gone.  My nails are getting clearer.  I just ordered another 5-month supply.  Thanks for an affordable treatment option, that really works for me.  This product works great for skin fungus to.  A complete 2 for 1 solution.”

Change Your Socks Regularly To Avoid Toenail Fungus

socks 150x150 Change Your Socks Regularly To Avoid Toenail FungusOne of the easiest steps a person can take to avoid developing a toenail fungus infection is to change socks regularly.  Dermatophyes, the fungal agents that cause nail fungus, thrive in warm, damp environments which is exactly what socks create.  This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to change their socks more than once a day, but for those whose perspire more regularly, it is a wise tactic to take in order to lower the risk of a toenail fungus infection.

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Public Places Where Nail Fungus Lives

There are some public locations that many of us make use of where the agents that cause nail fungus are more likely to live.  So that you don’t have to worry about how to cure toenail fungus, it is important to know how to avoid being in high risk situations.  Read on to review the short list of places where nail fungus lives and how to avoid catching the infection.

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What Is Nail Fungus?

On the most basic level, nail fungus is a living organism that feeds on organic tissue.  Nail fungus therefore is an infection where these living organisms live on the keratin found in your nails by eating away at the nail they attack.  To find the proper nail fungus cure, it is important to understand how these organisms operate and why they destroy healthy nails.

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Good Nail Care

One of the best ways to minimize your chances of needing a nail fungus treatment to treat an infection is to take proper care of your nails so they are less susceptible.  Nails that are damaged, cracked, peeling or dirty are more likely to open the door for an fungal infections than strong healthy nails.  Read on for good list of tips for keeping your nails healthy throughout life.

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Are Home Remedies For Nail Fungus Effective?

Nail fungus infections are complex and different which makes them difficult to eliminate.  What works to cure toenail fungus in one case make be largely ineffective in another.  Some infections seem to simply be more stubborn, especially if they are allowed to exist untreated for long periods of time.  But since there are so many different treatment options, we’re going to review the three most popular home remedies.

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The Topical vs. Laser Discussion

laser therapy 300x184 The Topical vs. Laser DiscussionWhile laser therapy for nail fungus is the newest form of treatment, the jury is still out as to whether or not it is actually a more effective nail fungus treatment when compared with a quality topical solution.  Studies have continued to show that while some people find laser therapy to be extremely effective and very quick, others have gone in for multiple treatments only to have the fungal infection return.  Topical solutions have long been the preferred choice for most nail fungus sufferers but are not always the best choice when fighting a very severe infection.

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